Hear The “Sitgreaves County” Album!

Hope everyone is having a good summer!

The Sitgreaves County Project still exists, but will be reforming in the future to promote local businesses in the White Mountains, as well as artists of various types (including film and music), our Helium Initiative, and other interests.

There are still groups and persons in the White Mountains desiring a new county for the White Mountains. We support them in their efforts, and hope that our research regarding the A.R.S. Title 11 mandates will help them in their endeavors.

The easiest explanation for why we aren’t pursuing that anymore is simple: when it started back in 2017, it was a publicity stunt for a film. After the publicity stunt fizzled, people still wanted it, so I did real research and tried it out. Because of conflicts in the Arizona GOP, it fizzled again, then Wendy Rogers picked up the original 2017 movie stunt materials and ran with it. So…original 2017 movie stunt happens in 2021, everything in between is ignored, I issue an apology, and now I am making the movie.

In the meantime, you can hear the “Sitgreaves County” album on Spotify by clicking HERE! https://open.spotify.com/album/5Dj4fENnsTP59k0uvspvXr?si=zyaC87wORme6-e2XCnSd3w&dl_branch=1!

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