Apache County Goons Harass Trumped Store Over Sitgreaves County – Police Report Filed!


From our Facebook post:

“We will not be intimidated or bullied.

Someone has reportedly harassed the owners of The Trumped Store earlier today over the White Mountain Conservatives group’s support of Sitgreaves County. A police report has been filed. Details are still developing but make no mistake, the corrupt officials of Apache County will do anything to control the Sitgreaves region. What more proof do you need?

These corrupt officials have poached our communities for far too long, and have caused the entire Northeastern Arizona region to suffer greatly under the weight of poverty to serve only themselves. We will stand for it no longer.


And now, for some further thoughts as this story develops…


Detractors of Sitgreaves County in Apache County are concentrated primarily in the St. John’s region and often claim, ignorantly, that Sitgreaves County will “leave them to pay for the Indians.” This racist rhetoric could not be further from the truth. Native American lands are financed primarily by the Federal and State governments. Where it concerns county funds, Navajo, Apache, and Sitgreaves county will actually see a 30 percent increase in finances post-decentralization.

Beyond that, the Sitgreaves County Project has been instrumental in paving the way for Natural Gas development in Apache County both before and after decentralization in order to help end the worldwide helium shortage. Apache County has the potential to become an energy powerhouse with its helium reserves and geothermal possibilities. If Apache County is incapable of taking advantage of this potential, that is entirely the fault of Apache County and has nothing to do with Sitgreaves. In no way, shape, or form can any public official in Apache County argue that Sitgreaves will cause their county to lose money when the vast majority of natural gas potential will continue to exist in Apache County post-decentralization.

One might argue, “if the potential for energy development is there, why is Sitgreaves trying to leave?” The answer is that money is not the most important issue regarding Sitgreaves. The most important issue driving Sitgreaves is that citizens of the White Mountains want a county that works for and represents them, and that means shaking off the yoke that is St. John’s and Holbrook and naming Show Low the Sitgreaves County seat, as it will be right in the geographical center of the new county.

Also, if St. John’s were to be included in Sitgreaves County, it would deprive Apache County of a county seat, costing the state potentially millions for them to set up a new one. This is the same situation for Holbrook, and including either St. John’s or Holbrook in the Northeastern Arizona Development Act, or in any Sitgreaves County bill, would be unlawful insofar as I understand Title 11 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

What St. John’s, the county seat of Apache County, is actually afraid of is that the creation of Sitgreaves County will end St. John’s control over Sitgreaves lands, specifically Vernon, Concho, Springerville-Eagar, and everything south of them. Unlike Apache County, Sitgreaves County will actually champion the citizens of the White Mountains. Furthermore, when assets and departments are divided amongst the counties, audits of Apache County will likely reveal a gross mismanagement of funds proving what southern Sitgreaves County citizens have been saying all along, that much of St. John’s and the broader Apache County government is corrupt and neglectful towards the communities of the White Mountains.

If St. John’s is more concerned with losing power over the White Mountains than they are with actually leading Apache County, then there is nothing further to say, for as you can see with this disturbed man’s conduct at the Trumped Store, their actions speak for them.


Sitgreaves County will bring a measure of balance and harmony to the region not possible under the current, very flawed county system. We advocate for localized county administration, for the facilitation of greater cohesion between federal, state, county, city, and tribal governments, and for the economic development of the Northeastern Arizona region, which includes Navajo County, Apache County, and the future Sitgreaves County.

Our plan for Sitgreaves is an egalitarian, constitutional-based approach to limited regional county government. We believe that if we are in control of our own region, we will be able to do what is best for our own communities. We will be better able to work together, and we will be more capable of advancing the White Mountains’ future.

County officials oppose the new county because it would erode their control over the White Mountains and expose their mismanagement of funds. They believe that our county tax dollars belong to them to use as they wish.

Far-left Democrats oppose the new county because our efforts have facilitated the development of natural gas in the Northeastern Arizona region, a venture that could end the worldwide helium shortage and bring potentially billions of dollars of revenue into Arizona, at no cost to taxpayers.

Anti-development groups such as No Fracking AZ have invested large amounts of time and money in spreading unscientific propaganda regarding the helium exploration efforts in Northern Arizona of energy companies such as the Desert Mountain Energy Corporation, in order to solicit continued support for their half-baked socialist ideology. The last thing they want is for Sitgreaves to succeed.

We thank you for your continued support, upon which we will succeed.

We are Sitgreaves.

3 thoughts on “Apache County Goons Harass Trumped Store Over Sitgreaves County – Police Report Filed!

  1. This article is spot on!! Makes the most sense I’ve ever heard of . The naysayers seem to be the “powers”that be &
    the people they have duped! They are Not concerned with the citizens, only their bottom line! Check out the finances
    of Apache County..NOT Good & haven’t shown any regard for the people living there! I know because I was a
    homeowner there for 23 + years!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To the Author of this Article:
    The accusation(s) made here against the Saint Johns City Council is(are) false, and potentially defamatory or libelous. You’ve made incorrect identification and assertion. If you are willing to broadcast falsehoods against people you don’t know and their livelihoods that you don’t understand, how can your publishings or endeavours you undertake in the name of improving counties be trusted?
    I am a staunch conservative and support conservative principles, but you appear to possess an innate inability to hold civil dialogue with concerned and affected citizens. You appear patronizing, calloused, and cold. Your demeanor alone presently sets me against your project. This published overreaction reflects poorly on your cause, and should be retracted.


    1. We’ve changed all that already as we are waiting on more details from the Show Low Police Department. It is not our supporters who made this claim of who the man is, but the individual in question. Because our movement is at odds with Navajo and Apache County, we are naturally on the defense. As to your other points, I would not be so patronizing if our supporters and leaders were not being intimidated and attacked.


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