Jesse Valencia to Present NADA at the Arizona State Capital March 20th

SCP leader Jesse Valencia, working with policymakers at the capital and Rep. Walter Blackman, has been granted permission to speak at the Arizona State Capital on behalf of the Sitgreaves County Project to the Arizona State Legislature’s State and International Affairs Committee.

Jesse’s presentation will be open to the public, so we formally invite all supporters of the Sitgreaves County Project to come support the SCP and testify on behalf of the people of the future Sitgreaves County. Together we will do our best to convince the committee to take on NADA in the next legislative session, so that Sitgreaves County can become a reality in the 2020!

Thank you for all of your continued support and we hope to see you March 20th at the Arizona State Capital!


The Sitgreaves County Project

11 thoughts on “Jesse Valencia to Present NADA at the Arizona State Capital March 20th

  1. Good news to start off the week!
    Thank you for all you are doing to hopefully make this happen!


  2. I would like to attend but have a prior commitment! My thought & prayers will be with you.


  3. I have shared this with our legislators to show the lack of transparency and failure to provide information to those who seek it.


    1. There is no lack of transparency. The entire plan is available for viewing on this website.


      1. Apparently the lack of answers or the ability to provide claimed research was noticed by the committee members.
        As well as those watching.

        If there is no research you should not claim there is.
        That is the transparency I keep mentioning.
        After 2 years with no written research or any personal contact with any local leaders.

        The questions asked at presentation were submitted by me.

        When will you provide the research?

        The peoples life’s are not for use for a film makers folly.

        The Sitgreaves County plan will not make you famous.


      2. Who or what does ACIPRA stand for? Who said anyone wants to be a hero or famous for this idea? What film are you referring to? The research seems very clear to me @ makes alot of sense!


      3. ACIPRA stands for Apache County individuals& Property rights Association.

        You apparently did not watch entire presentation as it says it in video.
        Plus read the ABOUT, on the Sitgreaves page.

        Also look at the team.
        A team of one…

        Have a great day…..


      4. Seriously? Apache is the poorest county in the state & has always been. I know, because I lived there for 22 years so
        I know what I am talking about!! I’d like to know where you are coming from & how long have you lived there!


      5. Yes I agree Apache County poorest in the state. No doubt.
        I have been in the area since the late 70s then returned in 98.
        Very active in Apache county working to expose the long ongoing corruption.

        I myself have attended many Apache County board of supervisors and planning and zoning meeting.
        Also appointed alt. P&Z commissioner for last four years.


  4. Questions will be asked at both upcoming meeting related to claimed research.
    Also I have asked to have someone come listen at both meeting to see if any untrue claims are being made by presenter.

    I only ask that if there is claimed research it be openly provided to those of us with concerns so that we may see it for ourselve.

    It is claimed currently the plan meeting 3 of the 4 requirements of title 11.
    At what point will your research show that at least in Apache county the 4th requirement cannot be made?

    We plan to video these meeting to show later.


  5. Just to show how easy it is to meet with our local legislators.
    Had meeting to discuss local issues.
    Working for the people in Apache County to set up a town hall So all of those interested can meet our legislators.

    All it takes is a little effort and willingness to reach out and ask.
    Share concerns and ideas.
    A willingness to do what needs to be done for the people we are working to help.

    Yes I was busy and had other things to do.
    But I had to make the choice of just how important working for the people was. My choice was the people.
    That is the difference between someone who cares about those they serve and others who serve themselves.

    I did not take my box of books to sell.
    I did not show up looking like a bum.
    I went to represent those I serve.


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