Our Latest Proposal: The Northeastern Arizona Development Act

Please click the link at the bottom of this post to access the latest proposal of the Sitgreaves County Project.

While further changes to the project may still grow and form as we develop the ideas and policies of the SCP into legislation, the Northeastern Arizona Development Act (aka NADA) reflects the most up-to-date research and positions of the SCP as we move forward developing NADA into sound policy.

To briefly summarize, the bill we propose seeks to streamline and clarify rules for counties formed by legislative enactment by amending Title 11 of the A.R.S., which outlines the rules for the creation of new counties. In addition to these amendments, the bill calls for the Governor to appoint a County Formation Commission to redraw the county lines for Navajo and Apache counties to facilitate the creation of Sitgreaves County, which will be Arizona’s 16th county.

There are four mandates in Title 11 that new counties are required to meet before they can be formed, these are: population, private property, assessed value, and boundaries. As far as how final boundaries will be decided, as well as how various county departments, assets, debts, and so on will be divided, determining these numbers will ultimately be the job of the County Formation Commission.

The research of the SCP shows that all three counties, Navajo, Apache, and Sitgreaves, will meet or exceed all four of the Title 11 mandates. Because of this, and as you will see in our other research which can be accessed in the presentation below, it is our official position that decentralizing the counties from two into three based on the present-day needs of geography and population, is to the utmost benefit of all citizens living in Navajo and Apache Counties today.

Thank you for your continued support.


Jesse Valencia,

the northeastern arizona development act_presentation_scp

1 thought on “Our Latest Proposal: The Northeastern Arizona Development Act

  1. Mr. Valencia, I would appreciate being able to talk to you about some concerns about this project. Would you please contact me by phone–928-245-1069 (cell) or by email–terrymaherjr@gmail. com.
    I have tried to contact you but recieved no response from you and it would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you.


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